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Over 100 Age-Inappropriate Books Found in Texas School District

*** For the full list of books compiled by Citizens Defending Freedom, media members can email Peter D’Abrosca at, or call 720.639.0066.***

FORT WORTH, Texas — Citizens Defending Freedom, a non-profit that helps American citizens defend their faith and freedom, has identified over 100 age-inappropriate books available to children in the Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD).

After members of the nonprofit conducted their own audit, they compiled a list of the books, some pornographic, some violent and some a combination of sexually graphic and violent.

After a July 12 email to the FWISD board, Citizens Defending Freedom says some of the library book catalogs were pulled offline. Besides an acknowledgement of receipt of the email, Citizens Defending Freedom says it has had no correspondence with the board, and the matter remains unresolved.

Many of the books made readily available to children by FWISD have been challenged as inappropriate by parents around the country due to their graphic nature. They include:

All Boys Aren’t Blue by LGBT activist George M. Johnson, which is sexually explicit and contains profanity

Let’s Talk About It: The Teen’s Guide to Sex, Relationships, and Being a Human (A Graphic Novel)

The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, which includes themes of incest and child molestation

The objectionable books can be found in both the middle school and high school libraries in FWISD.

The list compiled by Citizens Defending Freedom also includes the graphic manga series Assassination Classroom, a violent series wherein students kill their teacher, which the organization has successfully challenged in other parts of the country.

Perhaps the most graphic book available to children is Lucky by Alice Sebold.

That book relays the story of Sebald’s own rape and multiple sexual assaults in graphic detail.

"Inappropriate books have been found in school libraries for the last couple of years, why has FWISD not learned from other districts and looked for these books on their own. We have found over 100 book titles with multiple copies in our FWISD schools,” said Kris Kittle Ph.D, education division lead, Citizens Defending Freedom - Tarrant County. "We need to protect children from mental and emotional harm caused by being exposed to sexually inappropriate content."

“We'd like to know what the FWISD school board intends to do about this situation,” said Kenya Alu, executive director of Citizens Defending Freedom - Tarrant County. "We'd like to see solutions and a plan in place to prevent activist librarians from inserting these types of books into our schools where minors have access to explicit content. Romanticizing incest, rape, or any type of sexual activity is harmful to children."



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