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Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Hillsborough, FL - Americans are on the move. Whether they are moving closer to family, starting a new job, seeking to lower their cost of living, or desiring a warmer climate, the evidence is clear: In the last two years, Florida has become the number one destination for Americans seeking to relocate. Over 300,000 people have moved to sunny Florida each year since 2020, and with that number comes brave individuals who are fully invested in the fight to preserve the America we love.

One such individual is Will Witt, a recent California transplant, who has moved to Hillsborough County. Will is a national bestselling author, international speaker, podcaster, influencer, hosted Prager U’s Man on the Street, and most recently founded The Florida Standard, where he is Editor in Chief. Will inspires and encourages citizens to fight for their beliefs. The Florida Standard describes itself as a “content and reporting machine rooted in truth, deep policy fluency and a commitment to an informed public.” Will’s book How to Win Friends and Influence Enemies is an exceptional read, an excellent tool to learn how to successfully discuss many pertinent issues and promote freedom.

At a recent Hillsborough CDF meeting, Will spoke to those in attendance, emphasizing that this Nation will get back on track, not from Washington D.C., but from the pulpit of Churches across America.

Hillsborough County CDF is encouraged to have Will Witt and The Florida Standard in the fight in Florida to expose corruption, shine the light, and educate American citizens on issues that are jeopardizing their freedoms and liberties.



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