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Complaint says Texas school board trustees made fun of fellow trustee’s genitalia during meeting

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Complaint says 4 Texas school board trustees made fun of fellow board member’s genitalia during meeting, watchdog group demands removal, resignation of perpetrators

***Members of the press can read the official complaint here: ***

LEANDER, Texas. — Citizens Defending Freedom, a non-profit organization that helps American citizens defend their faith and freedom, is demanding the immediate resignation or removal of four members of the Leander Independent School District’s Board of Trustees after those trustees engaged in a graphic discussion about a male trustee’s genitals.

Paul Gauthier, the only male on Leander ISD’s Board of Trustees, said in a detailed written complaint filed publicly with the school district on June 13, 2023 that board vice-president Gloria Gonzalez-Dholakia began discussing his genitals during a closed May 25, 2023 board meeting, while three other female members of the board laughed about it instead of drawing a line against sexual harassment. The other three board members were identified as Anna Smith, Christine Maur, and Francesca Romans.

Gauthier is the only conservative member of the Leander ISD, and believes the verbal attacks were politically motivated, as he alleges in his complaint that this was not first time Gonzalez-Dholakia has done this. Gauthier alleges Gonzalez-Dholakia sexually harassed him when he was a private citizen speaking out against the board on August 25, 2022, prior to him being elected to the board.

“I was wondering how your wife can appreciate you with such small genitalia,” Gonzalez-Dholakia is alleged in the complaint to have said. The complaint reveals that Gonzalez-Dholakia went on to state “I mean how can you satisfy her with such small genitalia? How in the world can she be with someone with such small genitalia? Seriously, how in the world can she be with someone with a small pequano genitalia?” (“Pequeno” translates to “little”).

According to Gauthier’s written complaint, Gonzalez-Dholakia pinched her fingers together, indicating a “small” gesture, while Smith, Maur and Romans all laughed.

Gauthier also alleges that later in the meeting, Gonzalez-Dholakia insulted him over his hair style and color.

“Is that what you’re doing with your hair?” she allegedly said to him. “Because the color looks terrible. Just wanted you to know.”

According to Gauthier, neither Superintendent Bruce Gearing or Board of Trustees President Trish Bode did anything to put a stop to the improper sexual verbal abuse, despite their presence at the meeting and the fact that it is prohibited by Leander ISD board policy BBFB. Additionally, Gonzalez-Dholakia’s conduct may violate Penal Code Section 39.03, according to the complaint.

Gauthier is officially requesting that the individuals below be publicly censured, disciplined, disqualified, suspended, and/or removed from their positions with Leander ISD for misconduct. Additionally, according to the complaint, because the Trustees and others involved are “partial, biased, and/or have an interest in the outcome of this matter, they are disqualified from participating in the investigation, consideration, and adjudication of this matter, and all matters related thereto.”

  • Gloria Gonzales-Dholakia (Leander ISD board member and vice-president);

  • Anna Smith (Leander ISD board member);

  • Christine Mauer (Leander ISD board member);

  • Francesca Romans (Leander ISD board member);

  • Trish Bode (Leander ISD board member and president);

  • Bruce Gearing (Leander ISO superintendent);

  • Holly Wardell (Leander ISO board counsel); and/or

  • Russell Bundy (Leander ISO head of security).

“We’re calling on Board of Trustees members Gonzalez-Dholakia, Smith, Maur and Romans to resign from their positions immediately,” said Marcia Watson, Citizens Defending Freedom’s executive director in Williamson County. “If they will not voluntarily resign, steps should be taken to have them removed. Leander ISD has a zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment, and these acts, as alleged, are not only disgusting and immoral, but they certainty meet the statutory definitions of official misconduct and incompetence, both of which are a basis for removal under Tex. Loc. Govt. Code 87.”



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