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Gospel Singer Jimmy Levy Rejects Satanism, Wokeness - Tops Billboard Charts

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Singer who once dabbled in satanism, supported BLM, gun control, climbs to #1 on Billboard charts after turning life to God, rejecting wokeness

TAMPA, Fla. — Citizens Defending Freedom, a nonprofit focused on protecting the faith and freedom of Americans, recently sat down with a chart-topping Christian artist who turned away from the “Satanic” mainstream entertainment industry in favor of following Christ.

“Reclaim the Rainbow,” by popular conservative rapper Bryson Gray featuring Jimmy Levy and Shameka Mitchell topped the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop charts on June 27.

Recently, Levy sat down with Citizens Defending Freedom to discuss his journey from what he describes as the Satanic underbelly of the entertainment industry, to finding God and using music to glorify Him.

In the interview, Levy describes his fascinating transformation from someone who dabbled in the occult, which he says dominates the mainstream entertainment industry, to a full-fledged Christian who now preaches the word of God.

“I had a few experiences… that really showed me how real the game [was] that I was playing around with, because I wanted to be all edgy, and I started to make dark symbolisms in my videos, and getting a satanic tattoo on my hand, which I’m still trying to remove, it’s like half off, and doing all these things to fit in with ‘the club,’ because that’s what they all practice and I wanted their trust and to seek validation from them at the time, which is the dumbest thing I’ve ever done,” Levy told Lindsay Rives, Citizens Defending Freedom’s national media correspondent on “The Citizens Defending Freedom Show.”

Levy, formerly a supporter of gun control and the Black Lives Matter movement, said he woke up to the devilish nature of the entertainment industry and the political left in 2020, when people around him were practicing Satanism and witchcraft.

He said he “started waking up in January of 2020” when a close friend began to tell him that the real key to “breaking the matrix” was Jesus.

It was then that Levy began to turn towards the light and change his ways.

Just three years later, he has fully committed his life to Christ, as he explains in the full-length video that can be viewed by clicking here.



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