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Updated: Jul 28, 2023

March 8, 2023

* UPDATE - The writ of mandamus, which was excluded from the published court docket due to the "potential for malware", can be viewed using this link.*

Montgomery County, TX – In December of 2022, we highlighted a story out of Montgomery County Texas where a school district turned a deaf ear to the voices of their citizens, and refused to conduct a requested recount of a local election.

After the acquisition of a new voting system in the county, the Magnolia Independent School District (MISD) contracted with the county to use the new machines for an election that included two school bond propositions that allocated over $200 million of tax payer funds towards district growth. One bond proposition failed, and one won by a narrow margin, which according to Texas Election Code, qualified the votes of the winning proposition for a hand recount.

Cindy Gaskill, a local election integrity advocate, led the effort in initiating a ballot recount by gathering petition signatures and all legally required paperwork from local citizens. Local officials attempted to ignore citizens and deny them the statutorily protected right of having a ballot recount performed. Additionally two attorneys, Eric Yollick and CCDF-USA Attorney Jonathan Hullihan, sent a letter to MISD demanding the recount, yet their letter was also ignored.

On February 14, 2023, Ms. Gaskill, along with 25 Montgomery County citizens filed a suit against MISD and James Charles Adcox, MISD’s President, seeking an issuance of a writ of mandamus that will require the district to conduct their requested recount. Staff Attorney for the Texas Secretary of State’s Election Division, Chuck Pinney, who has reviewed the petition, confirmed that citizens filed it in a timely and proper manner.

This new development emphasizes the power that citizens have in holding their elected and appointed officials accountable for their actions. It is “We the People” who, as we continue to shine the light on corruption, will secure our elections and preserve the America we love.



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