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Are your children safe in Schools?

In a new report authored by Citizens Defending Freedom, the subject of misconduct reporting is investigated. In this report, Citizens Defending Freedom aims to reveal the inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and failures associated with how accusations of misconduct are currently addressed.

After concerns around student safety and well-being following an incident of sexual misconduct that transpired in Prosper Independent School District improperly handled by reporting authorities, Citizens Defending Freedom submitted public information requests (PIR) to the Texas Education Agency for 97 independent school districts throughout 24 counties in Texas. The findings presented in this report are based on accumulated data as of August 2023 as part of an effort to collect data on other school districts that may have had educators accused of comparable misconduct with students.

Citizens Defending Freedom emphasizes the need to hold educators accountable for their actions, addressing existing abuses, and preventing the retention of prospective employment in other school districts.


To encourage parents, educators, and concerned citizens to familiarize themselves with the statutory authorities governing educator misconduct, Citizens Defending Freedom provides the following resources in the states in which CDF currently operates (MI, FL, GA, and TX):

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722.623: Pertaining to the requirement of individuals to report child abuse or neglect

380.1539b: Pertaining to the revocation, suspension, and other forms of disciplinary measures for misconduct-related crimes

380.1535a: Pertaining to the conviction of person holding teaching certificate for certain crimes, including the permanent revocation of a teaching certificate.

380.1230b: Pertaining to the information regarding unprofessional conduct to be provided by previous employer.

For additional Michigan laws following obligations pursuant to Section 8546, the federal law which aims to shield students from sexual abuse and misconduct, please see the following resource: Legal Obligations of Educational Personnel Related to Student Abuse and Neglect.


20-2-737: Pertaining to reports by teacher of violations of student code of conduct and notification to parents of support services or disciplinary action.

20-2-751.7: Pertaining to the state-mandated process for students to follow in reporting instances of alleged inappropriate behavior by teacher or other school personnel.

For additional Georgia laws germane to educator misconduct, please see the following resource: Georgia School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Formal Incident Reporting of Conduct Violations


Florida Statutes 1006.061: Pertaining to child abuse, abandonment, and neglect policy:

Florida Statutes 1012.795: Pertaining to the authority of the Education Practices Commission to issue disciplinary action against an individual’s Florida Educator certificate:

Florida Statutes 1012.796: Pertaining to complaints against teachers and administrators; procedure; penalties:

Florida Statutes 1012.01: Pertaining to public school instructional personnel, administrative personnel, school volunteers, and education support employees and managers:

For ethical obligations of educators, including the reporting of misconduct, please see Florida Administrative Code Ann. R. 6A-10.081: Principles of Professional Conduct for the Education Profession in Florida.


Please see the attached document of “Legal Authorities” extracted from the Texas Misconduct Report.

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