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CDF Legal Team Meets With Federal Officials on Proposed Title IX Rule Change Regarding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Updated: Apr 15

WASHINGTON, D.C. - ​​Citizens Defending Freedom (CDF) took a stand for constitutional rights in a crucial meeting last week with representatives from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Department of Education. The purpose of the meeting was to express vehement opposition to proposed alterations to Title IX, specifically targeting changes that would broaden the definition of "on the basis of sex" to include sexual orientation and gender identity. The day after this meeting, the Biden Administration tabled their proposed changes to Title IX in relation to male and female athletic teams, likey for political reasons ahead of the election. However, it’s widely believed in the next 90 to 120 days the Biden administration is still preparing sweeping rule changes to how so-called “sex discrimination” is defined and addressed in schools.

The proposed modifications, if implemented, would grant unprecedented control to the Federal Government over educational policies in state and local public schools. If the Biden Administration implements this Title IX proposal they will circumvent Congress and violate constitutional separation of powers. Furthermore, local schools would face the possibility of an investigation by the Department of Education for non-compliance.

This meeting is the latest action in CDF's ongoing campaign to defend the original intent of Title IX, which is to protect biological females from discrimination. Last spring CDF launched a Title IX Toolkit to empower concerned citizens and parents to combat misleading narratives perpetuated by the White House, ACLU, and other progressive organizations. The toolkit has already demonstrated its effectiveness. In Tarrant County's Keller Independent School District CDF successfully advocated for policies aligning with biological sex despite pressure from opposing groups.

Additionally, CDF has actively engaged in public commentary on proposed Title IX changes, submitting organizational comments last May opposing attempts to alter Title IX. The organization's Title IX Campaign encouraged citizens to voice their concerns, contributing to over 400,000 public comments received by the Department of Education and prompting delays in the review process.

Continuing its vigilant monitoring of Title IX developments, CDF provides regular updates on the regulatory review process through its website, offers insights to prominent news publications, and participates in media appearances. 

Citizens Defending Freedom remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding constitutional principles and safeguarding the integrity of education for future generations. CDF emphasizes the importance of continued advocacy to ensure that any future changes to Title IX uphold fundamental principles and protect the rights of all students.


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Founded in 2021, Citizens Defending Freedom is a non-profit organization that strategically operates in counties across America to help citizens defend their faith and freedom, all while fighting for transparency in local government. Currently, Citizens Defending Freedom is established in Florida, Georgia, Michigan, and Texas, with plans to continue expanding across America. Click here to learn more about Citizens Defending Freedom.




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