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Soros-aligned Nueces County district attorney fails to prosecute 1,000 criminal cases

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

NUECES COUNTY, Texas. — Citizens Defending Freedom is demanding answers after Nueces County and its George Soros-aligned district attorney, Mark Gonzalez, failed to prosecute 1,000 felony criminal cases before the statute of limitations expired, letting those alleged criminals off the hook, according to local news reports.

“How is it possible that a district attorney can simply refuse to prosecute criminal cases and let potentially dangerous people off the hook, releasing them back into the community where they could commit more crimes,” asked James Judge, the national spokesman for Citizens Defending Freedom. “The victims of these alleged crimes deserve the proper administration of justice, and they’re being denied an opportunity for justice by someone who is failing to do his job.”

Worse, by not properly administering justice and dismissing entire classes of cases, Nueces County can lose up to $1 million in state funding to fight crime.

Texas requires its counties to close 90% of cases over a 5-year period, and report how and why those cases were closed to the Department of Public Safety (DPS). Courts have 30 days to complete dispositions for closed cases and five days to send them to DPS.

Right now, Nueces County has only an 88% close rate, putting its state funding at risk.

“The administration of justice in Nueces County is failing its residents,” said Judge. “Everyone deserves to live in a safe community where criminals are not allowed to run rampant, and each criminal case is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Blanket dismissals place the community in danger and destroys the rule of law.”



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