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Montgomery County, TX - Montgomery County Citizens Defending Freedom CDF held a Citizens Advocacy Training Seminar in December 2022. The in-depth training was a successful step in accomplishing one of the main goals of Citizens Defending Freedom (CDF), civic education. When citizens understand the basic principles, rules, and laws that govern their local leaders and legislators, it enhances their ability to engage civically and keep a watchful eye on governing bodies.

The training, which was geared toward educating citizens on how different taxing authorities in Texas counties work and operate, was led by Montgomery County CDF Executive Director Jennifer Eckhart, and CCDF-USA Texas Director of Legal Operations Jonathan Hullihan. Citizens were provided tools and techniques on how to conduct research and understand how taxpayer funds are being managed locally.

Additionally, attorney Jonathan Hullihan taught a special lesson on the Texas Public Information Act. This lesson equipped those in attendance with knowledge of helpful techniques and procedures that can be utilized in obtaining documents and information they may need to ensure their local governments are operating in the citizens’ best interests.

Those in attendance at this training expressed their appreciation for the “fantastic and informative” instruction they received, with some stating that the lessons took “the mystery out” of local government. The participation and positive feedback received from the local community is the motivating force behind why these training courses are held. Our goal at Citizens Defending Freedom is to equip and empower local communities with the ability to identify and resolve breaches of freedom they encounter.



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