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Citizens Defending Freedom Salutes True the Vote's Triumph in Federal Court

Updated: Mar 15

Houston, Texas  – Citizens Defending Freedom (CDF) proudly extends its heartfelt congratulations to True the Vote (TTV) for their recent and resounding victory in federal court. This triumph follows accusations of voter intimidation as TTV diligently worked to ensure the integrity of the electoral system after the 2020 presidential election and leading up to the Georgia Senate runoff in 2021.


Steve Maxwell, Co-Founder of Citizens Defending Freedom, emphasized the significance of True the Vote's win, stating, "It is important that all Americans, who love the foundations of Liberty, embrace the monumental impact of True the Vote's win in the courts this week. Our nation is the last hope of freedom for the civilized world. Our vote is sacred, and is the tool used in a civil society to allow the individual, not the state, to determine his or her own destiny."


He continued, "This story of resilience and courage is a testimony to us all! 2024 is no time to fear; it is time to boldly act! Jesus once said in Matthew 10:26, 'Do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed.' Fear is not an option. Courage is the choice, and TTV is our example. We at CDF congratulate and are grateful for the grit and tenacity of Gregg and Catherine." Steve Maxwell, CDF Co-founder.


With this victory, True the Vote declared a decisive triumph in their legal battle against Fair Fight, led by Stacy Abrams, legal teams led by Marc Elias, and the Biden Department of Justice, as outlined in Case No. 2:20-cv-0302-SCJ.


A federal court in the Northern District of Georgia affirmed that citizens have the right to lawfully petition their government in support of election integrity without fear of persecution or prosecution. TTV successfully defended its actions in December 2020, aiding Georgia citizens in filing elector challenges based on data showing over 364,000 voters appeared to be ineligible to vote due to a change in residency.


True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht affirmed, "Today's ruling sends a clear message to those who would attempt to control the course of our nation through lawfare and intimidation. American citizens will not be silenced.”




About Citizens Defending Freedom:

Founded in 2021, Citizens Defending Freedom is a non-profit organization that strategically operates in counties across America to help citizens defend their faith and freedom, all while fighting for transparency in local government. Currently, Citizens Defending Freedom is established in Florida, Georgia, Michigan, and Texas, with plans to continue expanding across America. Click here to learn more about Citizens Defending Freedom.



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