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School board rejects bid to allow boys in girls’ choir as conservatives win again in Texas

TARRANT COUNTY, Texas. — Citizens Defending Freedom, a nonprofit focused on protecting the faith and freedom of Americans, is celebrating after the Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts (FWAFA) rejected a push by LGBT activists to allow boys to join the Singing Girls of Texas choir.

The FWAFA School Board also barred girls from joining the Texas Boys Choir. In late June, the School Board voted 4-3 in favor of using biological sex to separate the choirs, despite the fact that LGBT activists wanted gender identity to be the defining factor.

On June 27, members of Citizens Defending Freedom, along with other conservative groups, attended the School Board meeting where the determination was made and asked that the choir remain segregated by biological sex. After three hours of public comment, the School Board adjourned for a closed session vote, during which they voted in favor of the conservative efforts.

“This is another great win for kids and parents in Tarrant County,” said Kenya Ayoub Alu, executive director of Citizens Defending Freedom - Tarrant County. “We’re simply standing up for common sense. Boys should not be allowed to sing in the girls’ choir, and girls should not be allowed to sing in the boys’ choir. A simple solution would be to establish a co-ed choir in addition to the girls’ choir and boys’ choir. To us, it is absurd that we even have to have this debate, but as long as the liberal activists keep pushing their agenda, we will keep fighting back.”

This is the second major win for Citizens Defending Freedom and conservative activist groups in Tarrant County in the past two weeks.

Also in late June, the Keller Independent School District voted to bar boys from girls’ restrooms, and to stop students, faculty and staff from using preferred pronouns. This came after Citizens Defending Freedom utilized their Title IX Toolkit and engaged with other groups and citizens to speak out at the school board meeting.



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