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Citizens Defending Freedom partnering with BRAVE Books to flood schools with family-friendly books

Updated: Mar 15

TAMPA, Fla. — Citizens Defending Freedom, a Florida nonprofit focused on engaging members of the community to stand up and defend their rights, announced Wednesday that it is partnering with BRAVE Books for a book drive that will fill school libraries with family-friendly books.

As part of a fundraising campaign which began on Nov. 1 and lasts through Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, a BRAVE book will be donated to a public school for every donation of $10 or more made to Citizens Defending Freedom.

A $50 donation will enter donors into a raffle to receive a 40oz Stanley Tumbler emblazoned with the Citizens Defending Freedom logo.

Donors who give $100 will also be entered into the raffle, and will be personally recognized for their bold action to eradicate smut in public schools on Citizens Defending Freedom’s weekly show and on social media.

Those donations will be used by Citizens Defending Freedom to continue its battle against public school districts whose libraries are riddled with violent and pornographic books that are not suitable for children.

“Citizens Defending Freedom has been on the front lines of ridding our public schools of age-inappropriate materials that have been made widely available to children all over the country,” said Lindsay Rives, National Media Correspondent for Citizens Defending Freedom. “Our next step is to offer wholesome, family-friendly material as an alternative to the violent and pornographic materials in those schools, and that’s why during this Giving Season, we’re planning to flood public school libraries with content that is appropriate for children.”

Citizens Defending Freedom’s goal is ultimately to donate at least 500 family-friendly books to public schools before the end of the year.

The books that will be donated to public schools include:

● Son of Truth- Graham Allen

● As You Grow - Kirk Cameron

● The FOX the Fair and the Invention Scare - kirk Cameron

● Pride Comes Before the Fall- Kirk Cameron

● That’s What families Are For- Nicole Saphier

“Growing Pains’ star Kirk Cameron has recently embarked upon a national book tour highlighting his wholesome works published by BRAVE Books.

About Citizens Defending Freedom:

Founded in 2021, Citizens Defending Freedom is a non-profit organization that strategically operates in counties across America to help citizens defend their faith and freedom, all while fighting for transparency in local government. Currently, Citizens Defending Freedom is established in Florida, Georgia, Michigan, and Texas, with plans to continue expanding across America. Click here to learn more about Citizens Defending Freedom.



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