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  • Policies are being updated with changes from FLDOE and there are meetings/workshops being held for the public to attend and comment on the policies being updated.

  • Testing year round school at Challenger 7.

  • Cell phone policy revamp is in process

  • Code of Conduct updated

  • Keeping bathrooms gender specific 

  • Making the vaccine policy more clear about allowing exemptions

  • Michelle Beavers team of students who are helping combat illiteracy in Brevard County Schools:

    • Maybe do a little shout out to the great work they did and that they advance to international competition? Our Brevard team has a shot to take world? We are also looking for monetary support.

    • Awaiting more info to possibly create a "press release" for them to show Brevard CDF doing good work in our community.

    • Highlighting something positive that is happening in Brevard County.

    • The children in the pictures all have "release forms" signed to be able to show their pictures 



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